Saturday, August 14, 2010


First of all I am officially on vacation
and have been since end of day Thursday.
This makes me very happy and gives me lots of time to hunt.

I started Thursday night mapping out my weekend.
Friday I gathered my basket, keys and wallet and headed out to an amazing
estate sale managed by an old high school friend (which I didn't know until I got there).
It's a small town. You would be amazed how often you run into 
someone or meet someone who knows the someone you just saw.
Any way it was a beautiful compound (that is exactly what it was), filled to 
the brim with lots and lots of goodies.

I think, other than finding  those perfect little treasures, the reason I 
enjoy going to estate sales is the people you see. 
There is no one kind of person at these things.
They are from all walks of life coming in many different packages.
It is such joy to watch and listen.

The rest of Friday was filled with friends and loved ones.

Saturday very much like Friday but instead of a destination I 
let the nose of my car dictate where we went.
You discover so many little nooks and crannies of the city you never see.
Found some good things with a little bit more work but none the less 
a good day.

A collapsable sewing table and a really cool metal basket.
This I imagine filled with fire wood, fluffy towels or balls of different sizes.
So many options.

Pretty, little, shiny objects.

Rough things, shiny things, little things.
It seemed to be about texture, earthly elements and simplicity of use.

Now I need to spend some time at Found on Fremont and 
update the space with the new found treasures. 
I'm on staycation after all. 
What's the rush.


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Jason said...

Thanks for letting me join your treasure hunt, it was so much fun!