Friday, August 20, 2010

Free Junk Fairies....

Well all of our free junk we placed on the sidewalk is officially gone.
Today while out hunting for junk, to make all who shop my
little shop smile, I came across the cutest little desk at a garage sale.
I smiled and asked "how much?"
The answer (my favorite one), "Free!"

"Free?" I said,
yep that is right, free.

I'll take it.
She kindly removed all the stuff off of the top of it and carried it to my car
but it wouldn't fit.
You see I have a 4 door Volvo S60. Those lovely Swedes
really did not make those for junking.

She smiled and said no problem, 
I'll just through it in the back of my pick up and drop it off at your house.
Free and Free delivery.
This was to good to be true.

I gave her my address and a couple hours later it was lovingly sitting in my front yard.

Isn't it  cute.
I am telling you those free junk fairies continue to smile down upon me.
Thank you junk fairies.

Happy junking!

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