Sunday, September 25, 2011

shout out.....

November 19th we will be participating in the 
Plucky Maidens Holiday event!


They are showcasing some of their vendors
on their blog prior to the show
and the lovely maidens
were so generous to showcase
Bee & Mason
as their first vendor.

We are so excited to participate in one of their
shows and look forward to celebrating
the holidays with all of you 
at the 
McMenamins Grand Lodge and Childrens Cottage
in Forest Grove.

Funny to even think of the holidays when it is only 
the second day of Fall but you know
it is just round the corner.
If I don't start planning now it will be upon me 
before I can say Boo!


Thursday, September 22, 2011


i love a good adventure
and tonight was the beginning 
of a new adventure.


i can't tell you anything yet
but take my word,
it is going to be fun
and you are going to want to 
join me on this one!



Monday, September 19, 2011

Vintage Gathering....

Well, we had to say farewell to 
A Vintage Gathehring
for the season
but wow, what a great season.

We  had so much fun this summer
participating in AVG.
We have met the most amazing people
not only our customers but the
other vendors we get the great honor 
of sharing these experiences with.

Unfortunately the  weather was not
as cooperative as we had hoped.
The NW Doppler radar was broken,
So, who knew it was going to rain ALL day
Friday night was a lot more cooperative
and glad I took pictures when the sun was shining.

Our neighbor, Vintage Market

the cutest ride

a joint vignette 


Mack & Momma

Bob, master traffic controller & fire builder

Harris Farms


Denise of Junque Soiree

Halloween was in the house

My Momma!

We can't wait till next summer!

Thank you to all of our customers
for being there for us all summer!


Saturday, September 10, 2011


it's coming up in just a week.

Come out for some serious vintage fun on
Friday, September 16th from 5p-8p
Saturday, September 17th 8a-4p

There will be music, food and a whole lot of vintage!

here is a sneak peek of what you will find....

You will just have to come on out next weekend 
to see the rest!

see you all soon....


Tuesday, September 6, 2011


it's been quite a few days and i feel like i owe you all an apology.
it's not that i don't want to blog it's that i just don't seem to have a lot 
of energy to do so.

if any of you follow my persona FB page you will know
i got stung on friday (and saturday, oh joy) and found out i am allergic to 
yellow jackets. 

the little thugs sting landed me in the emergency room.
let me tell you it's not the place i really wanted to spend a date 
with my husband but what are you going to do.
they gave me this fun medicine that well
they said it would most likely give me insomnia, hyper energy and make me mean.
well, it didn't really quite do that.
it's more like i can't keep my eyes open, 
i have absolutely no ambition to do anything
or any creative inclinations what so ever,
and well not a mean bone in my body.
it makes it real hard to do anything other then 
sleep or practice being a couch potato.

i did find some energy Saturday morning before my second 
bee sting to do a little work in my new space.

that's right Bee & Mason is moving into a new vintage shop
in Vancouver, WA.

It's a tea room and vintage shop called

i am really excited and can't wait to get it going.
here are a few peaks of the space.

another before

wall painted and burlap added.

not a lot to see yet but i will post as we get the work done.

it's good to be back only one more day of this crappy medicine
and i will be back to my old self. 
maybe even better.