Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sneak Peak....

It's almost here....


The truck is packed
and we are excited!!!!

Here are a few pics of what 
you will find.

We  can't wait to see you all this weekend.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


well, we are only 2 days away 
from one of the greatest shows on earth.

that's right my mom and i are hitting the road again.
this time we are headed for

we will be hanging with the likes of
and a slew of other amazing vendors.

we will be in a new spot this time around
(near the food)
so be sure to stop by while grabbing some grub
by The Field Kitchen
(they actually will be parked in a field).

The party starts Friday night at 5pm
with roasted marshmellows, candle light
and music.

Of course a couple of hours on Friday night
just isn't enough for us gals
so we will continue the party on Saturday
starting at 8am.

It's going to be a big one
and one you won't want to miss.
anyway it wouldn't be the same without you.

See you soon!!!!



Sunday, July 24, 2011


yesterday was the perfect picking day.
my mom came over early 
 to head out to see what 
treasures we could find for next weekend.

i wanted to get out of the city and try some where new.
sometimes there are just to many people and dealers
when you stay in town plus you can't always find
what you are looking for.

i had read about a barn sale that had 10 vendors
participating out in Warren, Oregon.
i am embarrassed to  say, since i am a local girl,
that i had to look up the town of Warren.
you see it is snuggled between two larger towns
which i was aware of.
needless to say i found it and new exactly where we 
were going for the day.

off we headed with the agreement that
we would stop at every garage sale sign we found
once out of the city.
the challenge with this is you are on a 4 lane highway
going 60 mph.  
my mom would call out "sign" but i have to tell you
taking a garage sale quickie turn is not really safe
at 60mph.
that didn't stop us from turning around and following
the signs.
first few stops were good.

found at a sale on a marina parking lot.

found at an estate sale at a heating company.

i have to tell you, when you are out in the country
sales happen at the most random locations.

we roamed around following signs but had the darnedest 
time finding the vintage barn sale.
by sure luck or stupidity we found signs on some back
roads following other garage sale signs.

it was quite delightful and we did find a few items.

we also met some wonderful women, one
in particular ,  Sara.
some one had mentioned Barn House
and i of course brought up 
since they are happening on the same day.
Sara had gotten an email about it that morning
and was planning on going Friday night
since she was participating in the BH sale.
she loved the idea of shopping by candle light
and roasting marshmallows. 
any way, we got to talking and she invited my mom
and i to come by her place and shop her barn.

Ok, you would have to be absolutely stupid to say
no to an offer like that, especially knowing she
was going to be a vendor at BH.

after more shopping some lunch and a quick
phone call to get directions 
we made it to Sara's house.
ok, if you ever get the luck to be invited
to her house you will get to see the most  amazing
view of 4 mountains any where.
can i just say, WOW!

we had a blast shopping her barn.
there were so many wonderful things.
she truly has AMAZING  taste.
i promise we didn't buy it all up.
we left her a few things to take to BH next week.

a huge thank you to Sara for being such 
a wonderful hostess, advising my mom on men
and dating and of course letting us shop!

folk art of Our Lady of Fatima

concrete garden urns. i dreamed of these last week.

pink egg basket

metal, lidded, bread dough bowl.

bakers bread loaf pans

chippy match stick holder

red, metal plant stand, or maybe a cupcake stand.

of course we had to stop at a few more
sales on the way home
and got the most wonderful gift
by an older gentleman having a sale
in the front yard of his farm.

a 1930's Royal Deluxe typewriter.

he just gave it to me.
wouldn't even let me pay.
i tried.
some times a smile and a hello can go a long way.

all in all it was a fun day.
we found some wonderful things
and met some wonderful people.

hope all of you had a great weekend as well.

see you on Friday and Saturday at


Thursday, July 21, 2011


i have been busy like a bee 
getting ready for next weeks
A Vintage Gathering.
it's been a bit of a treat this week having two days
off in the middle of the week. 
sometimes wishes do come true.
here is a peak at what i have been up to.

C&H Sugar bag pillows

 Sperry and Spreckel's Flour sack pillows

 vintage quilt pillows

 postage stamp gift tags

i will be taking all of these to
A Vintage Gathering on
July 29th & 30th.

it was fun to be creative and 
quite the treat to enjoy home on a weekday.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


my husband and i went to a local
bakery for breakfast this morning 
and then decided since the sun was finally
out we would walk the neighborhood
around the bakery.
while checking things out i saw from across the 
street the most beautiful dress in a window.
of course, i shouted out we had to cross the street now!

my husband insisted we cross at the corner. 
sometimes  his sense of adventure makes to much sense.
i agreed i could wait until we reached the corner
but trust me when i say, once across the street 
i forgot there was anything else to look at 
and bee lined straight for the shop window.

oh my!

it was a girls vintage dress wet dream!
this sweet little shop is what i dream of when
i think about my ideal walk in closet.
oh to only have a 26" waist. 

the shop has a funny little name but 
the contents make up for it.

here are a few of the dresses she has:


2515  SE Clinton
Portland, OR

if you are ever in need of the perfect party frock
or want to make a splash at the next wedding you need to attend,
stop here. You are sure to find the perfect dress.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011


9 more days until the next
I am so excited. 
This time around the girls are shaking things up a bit
and are opening Friday night and Saturday.

Friday is from 5pm-9pm.
There will be a camp fire, marshmallow roasting
and a great band singing cowboy campfire songs
all by candle light.

Saturday is from 8-4.
There are so many vendors this time around
we are taking over both fields but we promise
there will still be ample parking.

We hope to see you one if not both days
17414 NE 199th
Battleground, WA

Also Barn House will be having their vintage market
on Saturday as well and they are just up the street.

So, come on out and make a day of it.
You won't find a better group of vintage purveyors.


Saturday, July 16, 2011


i am back!!!!!!!!
did you miss me?
i missed you!

last night i had a conversation with a friend 
about chairs for an outside table she and her partner had just bought.
she wanted to know if they would find 10 of one style of chair.
was it doable.
i asked her "do they need to match?"
it's southern california, outside under a beautiful and large tree.
why not go casual, whimsical and fun.

she loved the idea and wanted to know what would it look like.
well, here are a few examples of what mismatched chairs can look like.

bench with sheep skin, metal stools and white wooden chairs. 
love the use of different materials and textures.

mismatched antique!

 different colors!

  different sizes!


different yet the same in color and fabric!

all images sourced from pinterest

different woods, fabrics and styles.

i love mismatched.
i don't know about you but i like so many different styles
sometimes it's  just hard to decide on one.
so why not have a little fun and get whimsical.
throw a little caution to the wind and go for it.

happy dinning!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I wanted to give you a heads up to my week.

The quote above sums up how my week will be.
It's going to be long days and a lot of patience.

This means I will do my best to blog but if it seems a bit silent
on my end don't panic I will be back it just won't be this week.

I have a little assignment for you all while I work hard
and be nice to people.

That's it, CREATE! 
I would love to see what you all create while I work hard.