Saturday, July 2, 2011


i didn't expect a lot from junking today
since it is a holiday weekend and all.
but you know, it was pretty good.

 i found this pretty in pink chair while out running.
i was only half way into my run and there was no 
running home early.
let me tell you a free pretty pink chair is enough
to inspire you to run that much faster.
i can't tell you how happy i was when i went back
with my car and it was still sitting on the side of the street.
yeah, me!

 i imagine this one in a studio filled with wonderful 
little treasures.

 love this postal scale.
don't you?

 coffee any one?
a 1935 coffee tin.

 filled with ice and grape nehi's
on a perfect summer afternoon.

a whole collection of old oil cans.
aren't they just lovely?

 i found both of these behind some car engines 
at a shop sale.

and on the back they have these wonderful
numbers printed.
i like the 100F! 

it was a great morning and a lot of
fun to be out hunting.
i think i like holiday weekends.

remember, if you ever see anything that you 
just can't live without here on the blog
please  leave a comment or send me a
email and i would be more then happy
to either send if feasible or deliver if local.

have a wonderful holiday weekend.



melanie said...

Are the drawers in your space at found? They are so great!

liz said...

always love seeing what you find!!! Hope to see you at the end of July . . . perhaps on that Friday at your market??? :) xoxo

Marcia said...

Wow-great stuff and all in a day. You are good!