Thursday, June 30, 2011


i love summer, it's fruit season
here in the northwest. 
right now, in time for the 4th of july
the cherries are a ready for picking.
this of course brings me to thinking 
about cherry pie.
it seems like the appropriate dessert
for this coming holiday weekend.


Cherry Pie

1 quart sour cherries
1 cupful granulated sugar
1/8 tspn salt
few drops almond extract
3 Tblspn flour

Line a pie plate with pastry.
Mix together the sugar, salt and flour.
Spread half of it over the pastry.
Wash and pit the cherries and fill the pie plate with them.
Sprinkle the almond extract and remaining sugar mixture
over the cherries.
Wet the lower crust around the edge 
and put the upper crust in position.
Bake at 450F for fifty minutes.



Sunday, June 26, 2011


my nephew left yesterday afternoon
which left my day a little empty.
so, on the way home from the airport
i stopped at a few garage sales to 
distract me from the fact i had to send
my nephew home after such a wonderful week.

it was late in the day and so didn't have
high expectations of finding much.
i didn't but did find a few small items
i couldn't leave behind. 

not bad for a late day of garage sales.

hope you had a good weekend too.


Saturday, June 25, 2011


if i were to want to visit texas 
this is the type of place i would want to stay at.
it might make the visit worth it. 
not that i have anything against texas
it's just not my first pick for a vacation destination.
that's all i'm saying.
but this place, now i would think about reconsidering.
especially if there was a good vintage or flea market near by.

love the vanity.

 you could sit here all day and chat.

 bath for two?

 i could imagine never getting out of bed.

 long, lazy lunches.

 i think my sister and  i would have loved having a room look like this when we were kids.

 shabby texas style

now that is a parlor.

 adore the pink and white stripe walls.

 your guests would thank you for letting them sleep on the couch.

 the hutch is just divine.

 i really like all the bare wood and rustic white.

 marie antoinette does texas.

 imagine a long, quite day reading and napping here.

this magical place is

if you happen to go and stay let me know how it was.
i might need to live vicariously through someone on this place.


Thursday, June 23, 2011


blue sky & warm blue oceans,
all colors of a warm summer
filled with lazy days and sun kissed cheeks.

i started seeing blue in all the photos i was looking at.
maybe because of the blue sky and hopes of sun kissed cheeks.

i know this looks a bit holiday but i love her blue dress, so rich.

scottish blue

this one should cool you down.

cool bath

pop of blue bottles cools down the  warm tones of the wood and feathers.

blue bottles

madmen and cocktails, sexy retro.

blue chaise

 all i can say is "i want these!".

chippy blue

 not a usual color for a dresser and love the distressed look.

blue dresser

 cool blue walls and white subway tiles, a perfect marriage for this room.

blue walls
source pinterest

may you find your summer days filled 
with blue skies and cool dips in blue oceans.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


ok, ya all if you have nothing to do this
saturday i have two things you shouldn't miss.

Saturday, June 25th.
Battleground, WA

the other one if you are a little further north is

Saturday, June 25th
Camano Island, WA

both markets have an amazing line up
of vendors with the most beautiful vintage treasures.

really, if you don't have any plans this saturday 
head out to one, if not both of these shows.
you are sure to have some vintage fun.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers day....

my dad as an infant

it's my second fathers day without my dad.
it doesn't seem any easier as each year goes by.
i just seem to find ways to put the pain aside on 
all the other days of the year that aren't
his birthday, fathers day, day he died, or 
any of those holidays like christmas.
the memories are mostly all positive
except for the ones from the end
but all filled with love and family.

my dad was a rock star and 
it kills me i can't tell him i love him anymore,
or hear him tell me.
i miss his silly ways and funny way of
speaking english (it was his 5th language).
but all those memories make me tear up 
but with a big smile.

his first communion

he was a stud and what he liked to think
quite the ladies man.

but the best thing about him was 
his ability to be the best daddy ever.
he gave my sister and i the best 
he had and never ever let us believe
we weren't anything but amazing, beautiful,
intelligent and independent women
who could do what ever our hearts wanted.
it was truly unconditional love.



i wish him the best fathers day where ever he is.

and to all those amazing dad's out there
happy fathers day.


Friday, June 17, 2011


image via brown dress with white dots

Have a beautiful weekend!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


i've been a little obsessed
with finding pictures of
inspiration of late.
maybe it's because i need
a little inspiration or maybe it's cause 
i just want to look at something pretty.
i don't know, either way it's been fun
and i thought i  would share some
of them.
maybe you will find some inspiration
or just like looking at something pretty.

white bowl

dreamy white

sweet spot!

elegant rustic classic
grass green and roses

chippy blue

oxidized green drama

soft lockers

a perfect morning

my favorite and always an inspiration for me
images via pinterest

i hope you enjoyed  these as much as i have.
may you find a little inspiration.