Tuesday, June 7, 2011


my mom is on vacation in california
visiting my sister....
which means we are chicken sitting.
that's right, chicken sitting. 
she just got 3 of the cutest chicks
and they just aren't big enough to 
be on their own in their chicken taj.
so, they are visiting us for the week.

my nephew named them:
black pot, big ball and little ball.
i think that's how it goes.
either way aren't they sweet.

our dogs are quite enamored with them.
we realized it might be more than
an interest when Diesel stared drooling.
maybe lunch is what he had in mind. :-)

wish us luck, we have never taken
care of chickens before.
i'm feeling very responsible.
i would hate for anything to happen 
to my mom's girls.

"urban farmer"

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One Gal's Trash said...

We had 2 chickens for awhile...they were fun but surprisingly smelly. Sadly, a racoon did them in one night...I hope they are clucking away in Chicken Heaven.