Saturday, June 25, 2011


if i were to want to visit texas 
this is the type of place i would want to stay at.
it might make the visit worth it. 
not that i have anything against texas
it's just not my first pick for a vacation destination.
that's all i'm saying.
but this place, now i would think about reconsidering.
especially if there was a good vintage or flea market near by.

love the vanity.

 you could sit here all day and chat.

 bath for two?

 i could imagine never getting out of bed.

 long, lazy lunches.

 i think my sister and  i would have loved having a room look like this when we were kids.

 shabby texas style

now that is a parlor.

 adore the pink and white stripe walls.

 your guests would thank you for letting them sleep on the couch.

 the hutch is just divine.

 i really like all the bare wood and rustic white.

 marie antoinette does texas.

 imagine a long, quite day reading and napping here.

this magical place is

if you happen to go and stay let me know how it was.
i might need to live vicariously through someone on this place.


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