Monday, June 13, 2011


i finally made it into the shop to reset the space.
it's been weeks but finally i had a quiet and free
saturday that was ALL mine.
I took two car loads to the shop
and rearranged and freshened up.
the down side was i forgot my 
camera so the pictures were 
taken on my cell so apologize
for the quality of the images.

piles of silver

pink suitcase set for a summer fling

pink and blue

vintage fabric lavender sachets

glasses for a hot summer day

pitchers for sangria and sweet tea

flower dishes for afternoon tea parties

feeling like a bit of the farm house in the country

primitive kitchen table with all the original hardware.


step back in time

the one saying "grease" is my favorite

the most comfy chair

well, there she is.... the shop in all her 
new finery.
what do you think?
stop by and browse or even better


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