Thursday, June 23, 2011


blue sky & warm blue oceans,
all colors of a warm summer
filled with lazy days and sun kissed cheeks.

i started seeing blue in all the photos i was looking at.
maybe because of the blue sky and hopes of sun kissed cheeks.

i know this looks a bit holiday but i love her blue dress, so rich.

scottish blue

this one should cool you down.

cool bath

pop of blue bottles cools down the  warm tones of the wood and feathers.

blue bottles

madmen and cocktails, sexy retro.

blue chaise

 all i can say is "i want these!".

chippy blue

 not a usual color for a dresser and love the distressed look.

blue dresser

 cool blue walls and white subway tiles, a perfect marriage for this room.

blue walls
source pinterest

may you find your summer days filled 
with blue skies and cool dips in blue oceans.


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