Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers day....

my dad as an infant

it's my second fathers day without my dad.
it doesn't seem any easier as each year goes by.
i just seem to find ways to put the pain aside on 
all the other days of the year that aren't
his birthday, fathers day, day he died, or 
any of those holidays like christmas.
the memories are mostly all positive
except for the ones from the end
but all filled with love and family.

my dad was a rock star and 
it kills me i can't tell him i love him anymore,
or hear him tell me.
i miss his silly ways and funny way of
speaking english (it was his 5th language).
but all those memories make me tear up 
but with a big smile.

his first communion

he was a stud and what he liked to think
quite the ladies man.

but the best thing about him was 
his ability to be the best daddy ever.
he gave my sister and i the best 
he had and never ever let us believe
we weren't anything but amazing, beautiful,
intelligent and independent women
who could do what ever our hearts wanted.
it was truly unconditional love.



i wish him the best fathers day where ever he is.

and to all those amazing dad's out there
happy fathers day.


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