Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have liked Sibella Court for some time now and
love her style, paint colors and books.
I got her newest book, The Life of a Bowerbird, just the other day
and of course sat down and read it front to back
without stopping. It makes you love your own personal
collections that much more and maybe even consider
bringing them out from have hid them
because you don't want people to know you are a bowerbird.
Below are just a few of Sibella's own collections.
Some of these look similar to a few I'm hoarding.
Maybe many of us were Bower birds in a past life.

Sibella Court
The Life of a Bowerbird


Monday, January 28, 2013

perfect wall patina...

I mentally decorate my house in my head pretty much on a daily basis.
Lately I have been day dreaming about paint.
I have an old house but it has normally painted walls and instead of
the walls of my dreams.
This is what I dream them to look like...


now how to figure out how to make this happen in my real house
versus just my day dreams.

I'll keep day dreaming...


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fairy Furniture...

Today my mom and I took a 4 hour workshop
all about how to make fairy furniture.
It was being hosted and taught by the amazingly talented
Elaine at Bella Flora.
Not only is Elaine an amazing artist but she also owns the
shop and if you have never  been to Bella Flora you are missing
out on an oasis of magic. Really! It's like walking into another
world filled with magic, opulence and enchantment.
There were 4 women and two of the cutest 12 year old girls
taking the class.
We all gathered around a long table and Elaine walked us through
the tricks and tools of making fairy furniture. While we covered
ourselves in glue she kept bringing out bowls, baskets and bundles
of twigs, leaves and flowers to make our chairs and tables with.
Once they were built we got to dress them. More beautiful little
pieces of tidbits came out for us to use.
Time flew and the next thing we new it was 6pm.
I snapped a few photos for you to see. I have to say I am happy
with my furniture and I think the fairies will be to.

The master herself, Elaine

Our worktable

Fairy furniture is more fun with a little champagne.

Mommies finished pieces.

One of Elaines little chairs.

My two chairs and table.

A little goblet.

Bella Flora!

Thank you Elaine!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

if i had a secret room...

I often fantasize about decorating. Surprise, surprise, I know
but really I probably redecorate potential homes in my head
at least once a day, minimum.
Most of these are fantasies and I am ok with that. Well, kind of.
Often though I dream about what it would be like to have a secret
room that was all mine and I could do what ever I wanted. It wouldn't
have a function other then being mine, all mine.
This room changes depending on my mood or state of mind.
Today, it's quite girly and feminine...Tulle, lace, velvet, satin ribbons
and feathers.

a little visual to share the decadent meringue of a room fluttering in my head










I'll keep dreaming!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

A morning at the flea market...

Once a month here in Portland there is a flea market
I try really hard not to miss. One, because I get to hang
with my pal Mel and my mom and two it's great junking. It doesn't compare
to Texas flea markets but shoot what does. It's just a small little ol' Portland
style flea market.  I probably shouldn't be telling you all this
because now you'll all know but oh well!
It wasn't a bad morning, junking. I think I was feeling a little to nice
this morning or maybe it was the lack of food but I didn't do a lot
of haggling this morning and well, the vendors didn't all seem to
be in the mood to haggle much either. Regardless I can't complain
as I came home with some fun things.
Take a look!

 Ice Cream any one? 
The Fred Meyer ice cream box even has a pic of
Mt. Hood. Love it!

A touch of blue...

Find of the morning!

wild life...

Let's throw a party!

A few things to keep my studio organized.

I'm thinking Central Catholic?

Biscuits anyone?

What's junking without a few metal boxes?

Instant collection...

And all together as a vignette.

Till next month, happy junking!


Monday, January 7, 2013