Sunday, January 13, 2013

A morning at the flea market...

Once a month here in Portland there is a flea market
I try really hard not to miss. One, because I get to hang
with my pal Mel and my mom and two it's great junking. It doesn't compare
to Texas flea markets but shoot what does. It's just a small little ol' Portland
style flea market.  I probably shouldn't be telling you all this
because now you'll all know but oh well!
It wasn't a bad morning, junking. I think I was feeling a little to nice
this morning or maybe it was the lack of food but I didn't do a lot
of haggling this morning and well, the vendors didn't all seem to
be in the mood to haggle much either. Regardless I can't complain
as I came home with some fun things.
Take a look!

 Ice Cream any one? 
The Fred Meyer ice cream box even has a pic of
Mt. Hood. Love it!

A touch of blue...

Find of the morning!

wild life...

Let's throw a party!

A few things to keep my studio organized.

I'm thinking Central Catholic?

Biscuits anyone?

What's junking without a few metal boxes?

Instant collection...

And all together as a vignette.

Till next month, happy junking!



Andy's Attic said...

OK, you let the cat out of the bag...I want to know about this flea market. When, where, or should I just research and try to figure it out? I love all the stuff you got and it is unusual stuff that you don't see all the time.

melanie said...

Well done partner in crime!!! but why'd you tell everybody????
I will fill Annette in on the details...she's great!!!
LOVE YOUR STUFF...I had a couple of those tins in my hand and put them down...was kicking myself when I went back for them and they were gone...glad they ended up in your stash!
til next time!

Florence said...

Love the Rosewater jug!!!!

gretchen said...

Portland does have a few good fleas, I think I've been to this one (if I'm guessing correctly). I will try and find your space, next time I'm at Stars, you found some fun treasures.