Saturday, March 31, 2012

what is my style....

yesterday my mom and i added some new items
to our space at Stars and as i was trying to 
summon the inspiration goddess i struggled
with conjuring her up.

i got everything placed stepped back
to look at the space and realized
it wasn't the fault of my inspiration goddess
but we were all over the style board with our offerings.

if any of you know me this drives me crazy!
i don't know if it's an a.d.h.d. thing or what
but if things don't fit together just right
i go a little bonkers and will actually loose sleep over it.

so, here is the dilemma....
i have all these beautiful items for sale...
i need to sell them...
yet, they don't all work together.

do i just live with it until things sell
and meanwhile get in touch with my true passions
and shop for just those styles?

i look around and so many amazing dealers 
have a look, they have tapped into something
that works.

what is mine? 
i know what i like and what gets my juices flowing
yet they don't always live together in a store space
that is 9x10 well....if you know what i am saying.

i think it might be time to start an  inspiration board
for our little shop in shop and remember to stick
to those styles. 
maybe this way i can get some sleep and feel
the guidance of my inspiration goddess more naturally.

here's what gets my juices flowing....

bohemian chic....
feminine modern hollywood.....
primitive farmhouse....

dark moody colors....

ok, see my problem?

how do i pair this down to make it work?


beleaguered and dazed 


Monday, March 26, 2012

spring blooms....

it smells like spring....

arrangement by small stump and studio choo


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Le pigeon....

today was my husbands birthday
and as usual it was geared around food and music,
other then me his two favorite things.

the best though was how we ended our day eating at....

if you haven't been you must give it a try,
it's quite extraordinary and delicious....
very Portland, it isn't pretentious or large....
it has an open kitchen, family style dining
and casual attire....
all while eating amazing French inspired food. 

Happy Birthday Mr O!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

flowers for spring....

i am not a big fan of fake flowers
but i am a huge fan of flowers....

these though might convince me
that fake may not be a bad way to go
when you can't find the real thing
and the weather is bleak.

these beauties can be found at

until spring finally gets here
i might need to go this route.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Letters at Home....

i love letters in a home,

they add a personal touch....
a touch of whimsy and fun....

all images sourced Pinterest


Thursday, March 15, 2012

hiding your tv....

i think one of the most pain in the butt
aspects of decorating a space 
is the tv.
tv's are not pretty things, you would
think with today's technology and desire
to incorporate them into our everyday lives
in our homes they would find ways to make
them look more like beautiful pieces of furniture
versus a big rectangular black shape.

there are some easy ways though you can 
incorporate them into your space 
without feeling like they are the center piece
or taking over all the hard work you put into
making a beautiful and comfortable place to live.

add them to a gallery display of favorite art....


paint the walls a dark color behind the tv....
source: Abigail Ahern

add art around the tv on the tv stand....

happy watching....


Sunday, March 11, 2012

industrial for everyday....

i love a good vintage industrial piece.
they tend to have a beautiful patina,
the perfect amount of wear,
and sturdiness "new" stuff doesn't.

when you are decorating your home
or a room and are adding industrial pieces
you want to ensure you are balancing the room
with different styles of pieces.

use the industrial piece to make a statement.
it will be the perfect conversation starter and
will make any room unique.

you can usually find these pieces at 
vintage stores.

industrial cabinet for storage

industrial cart makes a great cocktail cart

set of industrial drawers used as a side board and storage

industrial laundry baskets for extra bedding

industrial scale as table and sculpture

industrial hand cart as coffee table
with just a little imagination you can add 
almost any industrial piece to a room.

do you have a favorite industrial piece
in your home?



Saturday, March 10, 2012


i am having a love affair....
not that kind.

no, one that takes on different colors
but is always perfect in it's traditional state.

it goes by the name of....

so handsome and so beautiful....
so strong and so lush....

ah, to be in love....