Sunday, March 11, 2012

industrial for everyday....

i love a good vintage industrial piece.
they tend to have a beautiful patina,
the perfect amount of wear,
and sturdiness "new" stuff doesn't.

when you are decorating your home
or a room and are adding industrial pieces
you want to ensure you are balancing the room
with different styles of pieces.

use the industrial piece to make a statement.
it will be the perfect conversation starter and
will make any room unique.

you can usually find these pieces at 
vintage stores.

industrial cabinet for storage

industrial cart makes a great cocktail cart

set of industrial drawers used as a side board and storage

industrial laundry baskets for extra bedding

industrial scale as table and sculpture

industrial hand cart as coffee table
with just a little imagination you can add 
almost any industrial piece to a room.

do you have a favorite industrial piece
in your home?



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Laura's Last Ditch--Vintage Kitchenwares said...

We just moved an old typing table with metal base and wood top from the basement to our upstairs. I tried to sell it at many a garage sale, but no one ever bit. I now realize its immense charm and am so glad we still have it!