Saturday, May 28, 2011


we had a blast today at the
Vintage Gatherings
weather and all.

i will be honest,
yesterday was not easy for
me... the weather, the mud,
the hole in the middle of 
our space, that if it had 
been a warmer day it would have
been a mosquitos dreamy hang
out and a few tears of stress.
After a make shift wood "floor"
my mom made, a wonderful
rag rug Kathy leant us, 
some creative plastic bubble
building with help from my mom
and Amy
we accomplished to get it all set 
up and ready for saturday.

we had some crazy
wind issues today and
with help from friends,
strangers and family
we saved most everything,
got the canopy situation figured 
out and the space re-merchandised.
the best part as we were trying to save 
the canopy and all of our treasures
people were still shopping.
all i could do was laugh and 
thank everyone for helping us out.

i can't wait till the next one
and so wish it would be in june
versus july.
oh well, july will give me time
to stalk up and find some more
wonderful things to bring to the next
Vintage Gathering.

here are some pics from the market.

my mom


ladies who lunch

spring flowers


put a bird on it



baking sweets!

more birds....

vintage rouge

heavy metal



our bubble

Amy of Poppy & Ivy
a HUGE thank you 
to the girls of Uncovered Ruby
and Vintage Gathering 
for sharing their wonderful 
market with us and we can 
not wait for july.


Thursday, May 26, 2011


only one more day
and it will be time for
i'm finally letting myself
get excited.
see, work has been rather busy
this week and if i let myself
start thinking about 
Bee & Mason
then it makes it that much
harder to concentrate on work.
sounds strange but when you need 
to get through the week with 
a mile long list of expectations
and due dates 
you kind of need to find a way to cope.
now that the majority of my week
is behind me
i am finally letting myself
think about the show this 
thought i would give you a sneak peek
of what you will find this weekend

don't forget
saturday from 8-4
in battleground, wa.


Monday, May 23, 2011


sometime during the Junk Salvation show
i decided to do the May 28th Vintage Gathering Show
with my friend Amy from Poppy & Ivy.

i'm not sure if it was a cause of the vintage
junk show high or lack of sunshine but 
figured what the hay
let's do another show in two weeks
outside in southern Washington in May.

i might be a bit crazy but that's the thing
with us vintage loving folk
we can't turn down a good opportunity 
to shop or in this case sell 
beautiful vintage!

so with that being said,
come out rain or shine 
to Battleground, Washington
and shop the Vintage Gathering show.
we don't melt and god knows we love any bit
of sun.

that's where you will find me on Saturday.


Sunday, May 22, 2011


i went to a local, small flea market
this morning hoping to find a 
few treasures.
it's their last one for the season so 
you know why i had to go.

i found the most interesting thing.
well, i found it most interesting.
i've never seen one and i thought
it was quite beautiful as well.
ok, your probably wondering if 
i will ever get to the point.

a late 1800's early 1900's curling basket.
they would use it to carry their curling stone.

hand forged buckle

perfect basket

beautiful patina on the leather

maybe it will sit here for awhile


Saturday, May 21, 2011


cleaning out the "studio" 
(sounds better then garage)
today and taking all kinds 
of great junque
to sell at the 
Twilight Rummage Sale
at the Eagles Lodge on 4904 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
from 4-8.
Come by have a drink, listen to some great
tunes, find some cool junque you can't live without
and say hi.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


image via favim

Be the kind of woman that when your
feet hit the floor each morning 
the devil says


Monday, May 16, 2011


Junk Salvation....

well i have to say my first show
was a success and a blast.
we had so much fun, 
met some great people
and learned a lot about
how these things work.

quite proud of us.
we were as prepared as we could
have been and the whole thing
went off with out a hitch, 
down to the rain not starting until
the last item went into the trailer.

now the pictures i know you all
have been dying to see.
well maybe not literally but
here they are.

see what you missed. 

the whole space

who would have thought grass would have been so popular, sold almost all.

in jail

what do you think?
hope you enjoyed it.
i know we did.