Thursday, February 24, 2011


it's not often enough i get to just be creative,
but these last two days have given me the time
and gumption to do so.

i have a thing for textiles and tend to pick up
the unwanted discards from estate sales and
garage sales for next to nothing.
not always do these pieces lend themselves to
being used as they originally were intended
but the embroidery, the trims and beautiful
cottons get me every time and i don't have
the heart to throw them out.

i had an idea for some of them and will admit
got another from the latest addition of the
Flea Market Style magazine.

the first was to make lavender pillows and
sachets. i ordered some organic lavender
and went through my pile of vintage linens
and picked out pieces to cut up, sew and
fill with calming lavender. i ran out of lavender
before filling all the pillows or even filling
the vintage hankie sachets. need to order more
to get this project done.
have to say i feel pretty calm and relaxed after
making these and the basement smells amazing.

the other were the vintage linen balls.
well in the magazine they used old men's
dress shirts but my husband really wasn't
willing to give up his for this project so
cleaned out a handful of vintage linens,
cut them into strips and started rolling.
have to say these were fun to make.

i am going to have to continue my
hunt for vintage tops and linens
to make more vintage linen balls
for the show but i'm not one to
run away from a little hunting.

a very productive snow day to say
the least and fun to get a little
creative as well.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


we love to pick up old books on how to be a good housewife,
proper etiquette and manners and cookbooks.
they are always a good read and quite entertaining.

i found one of these over the weekend and started reading it.
i realized this could be a fun weekly blog posting.
kind of like eloise or miss manners.

so from now on every wednesday expect to see
a post on helpful household tips, proper etiquette
and manners and maybe even a recipe on occasion.

here is this weeks tip:

"i saw a painter put a small piece of sandpaper under
each end of a heavy frame when standing it on a narrow ledge. 
i tried the same thing when a large mirror was inclined to slip 
forward from its resting place on a mantel, and found it
successful. the folds of sandpaper were so small that they 
did not show, and the mirror did not move again."
Mrs. G.L.S., Cal.

is that sand paper they are using?
 image via Thursday Antiques

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


this weekend was all about junking.

it started on friday afternoon with a stop
at a estate sale. you won't believe this but
when i walked in the ladies said everything
free. Free? i admit there wasn't much left
but i did score a cool cake pan for transporting
your cake to the local bake sale, a piece of shell
art on velvet (2 white peacocks) and a pretty little
tray. not bad for free.

saturday was suppose to be a day of insperation to
queen of tarte but well i got side tracked. sorry cindy.
i ended up at one estate sale, nada and then another
where i just kept finding more and more things.

sometimes when i find that much that late in an estate
sale i wonder is my taste off or has everyone gone blind.
i'm going for the latter. then as i was going around
the block to go pick up my stuff i found a sign that said
"huge sale". of course after picking up my haul at the sale
i had to stop and see what these people had.
oh my, it was a lot of very rustic and in need of love
furniture for give away prices. no joke. a nightstand,
old mirror and two occasional tables all for $15.

you would think with a day like that how could you top
it. believe it or not saturday continued with a stop at
the twilight sale which was recently just sighted in the
newest addition of flea market style along with a quote by me.
anyway scored some great stuff there as well for peanuts.
when i got home i had to have a little cocktail to celebrate
and bask in the midst of all my booty (that's treasure in pirate
not a j lo reference).

i couldn't stop there. sunday was started with a trip
to the rose city flea market. again another fantastic
hunting trip with some great treasures for oh so reasonable
dollar signs. met some fascinating people on top of it all.

i'm on holiday this week for some well needed r&r plus
my mom who does shopping for us on the week days
due to the fact that us girls have real daytime paying
jobs to keep us in our habit is on vacation i had to
step in and due her duties.  this entailed a trip to the
salvation army where mondays are 50% off.
first one i stopped at was a bust then luckily i had to
use the bathroom like no bodies business so figured
the local goodwill would be a safe stop. so glad i had
to go. there were some fantastic finds to be had and
no one was there. they must have all been at the salvation
army. that was my next stop. good grief charlie brown,
it was like black friday in that joint. you would have
thought they were giving stuff away. found a cute old
stool, a sweet baby & stork planter and a fantastic armchair
for $15. you can see the armchair on our fb page.

all and all a fantastic 4 days of junking. i haven't had
that much fun or luck in awhile. now i have to organize
and re-finish some pieces, if the weather would just
cooperate and be warm enough and dry for me to work
out there.

i snapped a few pictures of what i found but still need
to capture the rest. later, when it isn't so cold.

from the twilight rummage sale

perfect for a ladies vanity

one for each
love, love, love vintage buttons

a beautiful crystal lamp

missing a crucial element but still has something about her

i have a thing for beautiful, old trim

tins for q-tips, cotton balls and lipstick

we have this odd baby theme building up

these only represent a snippet of what i found.
i will post more later as i get them organized.
now the hard part is to decide whether they go
into the shop now or to the show in may.
good to have choices.

happy junking.


Friday, February 18, 2011


we have done it.
we started a Facebook page
called Bee and Mason at Found on Fremont.

Check it out.

You can follow us now in two places.
We will post happenings and going ons
on Facebook and more of insperations,
thoughts, ideas and photos on our blog.

It's just more of a good thing.

F & M
The BAM Girls

Thursday, February 17, 2011


There are firsts in our lives that occur
Often, first car, first kiss, first boyfriend ....

Well I had a first today.
I was reading the new issue of
Flea Market Style 2011
And found on pg. 28-29 a list by
State of flea markets.
Listed under Oregon was our local
Twilight Rummage sale.
Cool, but what I didn't notice was
A quote by yours truly.

That's right my first published words.
I started yelling and pointing at the magazine
And made my husband sit down next to me
To read it.

Here is the quote:

"I debated sending this because I love
Our little secret flea market.
Usually a DJ is on hand to supply the
Tunes, the bar is always open if you
Get thirsty and like every good
Flea market plenty of fried food
Is available."

It seems silly I know but like every first
We get excited and giddy.
This one is going in the scrapbook.

Happy junking!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


image via wikipedia commons

we are under construction.
bare with us as we update our blog.
we might even be moving but
we will keep you posted.

thanks for your patience and
continual participation.
we really do appreciate you.

f & m

Monday, February 14, 2011


wishing you all a wonderful valentines day.
i love the idea of any excuse to tell someone
or many someones you love them.
we are all blessed with people in our lives
that deserve a kiss and hug to let them know
we love them too.
via Shopflik

Sunday, February 13, 2011


i had breakfast with my dear friend kimberley this morning.
she was telling me about her weekend and getting her studio set up.
she and her husband just moved into their new house and she finally
got her easel up and the paints out.

it started me thinking, what do people's studios look like?

images via brown dress with white dots
i found all of these inspirational, warm and personal.
i could feel the wood, smell the paint, imagine sitting and creating.

what does your creative space look like?
what do you need in your space to make it inspirational for you?
if you don't have a studio how do you make a creative space?

just wondering....


Friday, February 11, 2011


Jeremiah Goodman illustrates interiors of the rich and sometimes famous.
his illustrations are luscious and rich, filled with texture and warmth.
they are beautiful. they make me want to don something vintage
with heels and lounge with a cocktail.
illustrations like these are a dying art and one i hope never go away.

my favorite, like chocolate

images from powerHouse Books and Elle Decor


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


we have a lovely vintage oak (i think) dresser
in the space and today we picked up a darling
1930's dresser/wardrobe for the shop.

with all of these dressers coming into the shop
i started thinking about all the different things
one could do with them.

here is the list i came up with:
  • bedroom: the obvious, storing clothes or a nightstand
  • bathrooms: vanity for the sink or holding linens and towels
  • kitchen: storing silverware and pots and pans
  • dining room: storing table linens, flatware and serving dishes
  • living room: hold blankets, use as a bar or use the drawers for a book case
  • entry way: key & mail catch all, umbrellas, hats and glove storage
  • nursery: baby changing table
  • outside: potting table
  • studio/office: art supplies storage, printer stand and office supply storage

now some of those pretty pictures we all like.

apartment therapy
elle decor
house beautiful
elle decor
martha stewart


Sunday, February 6, 2011


....and it happened again.
we got the opportunity to expand
and we couldn't say no.
bee & mason has doubled it's size
we are bigger and better
and can't say how excited we are.

yesterday we went junking and found some 
fantastic treasures.

lots of treasures

today was expansion day.
we went in and added so many new treasures
to our new space.
we were giddy like little school girls.
it was fun seeing how the new space
came together so organically.
we can't wait for you all to stop by and check it out.
here is a sneak peek of our new expanded space.

Love is in the air
left side
breakfast for four
ready for a warm spring day and a cool drink
1936 all over again
baubles and bling
come see us soon you won't be disappointed.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I got an email from my best friend, Marcia
the other day containing a link to a youtube video.

It is about a women who lived in Chicago
and was an amateur photographer.
The story goes, that she never went anywhere 
without her camera.

I don't want to give the whole story away.
You need to watch it to see.
It's an amazing story of finding a treasure that no one
knew was a treasure. 


The second video is a slide show of her photos.
They are beautiful....

Thank you Marcia for sending.