Thursday, February 24, 2011


it's not often enough i get to just be creative,
but these last two days have given me the time
and gumption to do so.

i have a thing for textiles and tend to pick up
the unwanted discards from estate sales and
garage sales for next to nothing.
not always do these pieces lend themselves to
being used as they originally were intended
but the embroidery, the trims and beautiful
cottons get me every time and i don't have
the heart to throw them out.

i had an idea for some of them and will admit
got another from the latest addition of the
Flea Market Style magazine.

the first was to make lavender pillows and
sachets. i ordered some organic lavender
and went through my pile of vintage linens
and picked out pieces to cut up, sew and
fill with calming lavender. i ran out of lavender
before filling all the pillows or even filling
the vintage hankie sachets. need to order more
to get this project done.
have to say i feel pretty calm and relaxed after
making these and the basement smells amazing.

the other were the vintage linen balls.
well in the magazine they used old men's
dress shirts but my husband really wasn't
willing to give up his for this project so
cleaned out a handful of vintage linens,
cut them into strips and started rolling.
have to say these were fun to make.

i am going to have to continue my
hunt for vintage tops and linens
to make more vintage linen balls
for the show but i'm not one to
run away from a little hunting.

a very productive snow day to say
the least and fun to get a little
creative as well.


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