Wednesday, February 23, 2011


we love to pick up old books on how to be a good housewife,
proper etiquette and manners and cookbooks.
they are always a good read and quite entertaining.

i found one of these over the weekend and started reading it.
i realized this could be a fun weekly blog posting.
kind of like eloise or miss manners.

so from now on every wednesday expect to see
a post on helpful household tips, proper etiquette
and manners and maybe even a recipe on occasion.

here is this weeks tip:

"i saw a painter put a small piece of sandpaper under
each end of a heavy frame when standing it on a narrow ledge. 
i tried the same thing when a large mirror was inclined to slip 
forward from its resting place on a mantel, and found it
successful. the folds of sandpaper were so small that they 
did not show, and the mirror did not move again."
Mrs. G.L.S., Cal.

is that sand paper they are using?
 image via Thursday Antiques

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