Tuesday, February 22, 2011


this weekend was all about junking.

it started on friday afternoon with a stop
at a estate sale. you won't believe this but
when i walked in the ladies said everything
free. Free? i admit there wasn't much left
but i did score a cool cake pan for transporting
your cake to the local bake sale, a piece of shell
art on velvet (2 white peacocks) and a pretty little
tray. not bad for free.

saturday was suppose to be a day of insperation to
queen of tarte but well i got side tracked. sorry cindy.
i ended up at one estate sale, nada and then another
where i just kept finding more and more things.

sometimes when i find that much that late in an estate
sale i wonder is my taste off or has everyone gone blind.
i'm going for the latter. then as i was going around
the block to go pick up my stuff i found a sign that said
"huge sale". of course after picking up my haul at the sale
i had to stop and see what these people had.
oh my, it was a lot of very rustic and in need of love
furniture for give away prices. no joke. a nightstand,
old mirror and two occasional tables all for $15.

you would think with a day like that how could you top
it. believe it or not saturday continued with a stop at
the twilight sale which was recently just sighted in the
newest addition of flea market style along with a quote by me.
anyway scored some great stuff there as well for peanuts.
when i got home i had to have a little cocktail to celebrate
and bask in the midst of all my booty (that's treasure in pirate
not a j lo reference).

i couldn't stop there. sunday was started with a trip
to the rose city flea market. again another fantastic
hunting trip with some great treasures for oh so reasonable
dollar signs. met some fascinating people on top of it all.

i'm on holiday this week for some well needed r&r plus
my mom who does shopping for us on the week days
due to the fact that us girls have real daytime paying
jobs to keep us in our habit is on vacation i had to
step in and due her duties.  this entailed a trip to the
salvation army where mondays are 50% off.
first one i stopped at was a bust then luckily i had to
use the bathroom like no bodies business so figured
the local goodwill would be a safe stop. so glad i had
to go. there were some fantastic finds to be had and
no one was there. they must have all been at the salvation
army. that was my next stop. good grief charlie brown,
it was like black friday in that joint. you would have
thought they were giving stuff away. found a cute old
stool, a sweet baby & stork planter and a fantastic armchair
for $15. you can see the armchair on our fb page.

all and all a fantastic 4 days of junking. i haven't had
that much fun or luck in awhile. now i have to organize
and re-finish some pieces, if the weather would just
cooperate and be warm enough and dry for me to work
out there.

i snapped a few pictures of what i found but still need
to capture the rest. later, when it isn't so cold.

from the twilight rummage sale

perfect for a ladies vanity

one for each
love, love, love vintage buttons

a beautiful crystal lamp

missing a crucial element but still has something about her

i have a thing for beautiful, old trim

tins for q-tips, cotton balls and lipstick

we have this odd baby theme building up

these only represent a snippet of what i found.
i will post more later as i get them organized.
now the hard part is to decide whether they go
into the shop now or to the show in may.
good to have choices.

happy junking.


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