Thursday, February 17, 2011


There are firsts in our lives that occur
Often, first car, first kiss, first boyfriend ....

Well I had a first today.
I was reading the new issue of
Flea Market Style 2011
And found on pg. 28-29 a list by
State of flea markets.
Listed under Oregon was our local
Twilight Rummage sale.
Cool, but what I didn't notice was
A quote by yours truly.

That's right my first published words.
I started yelling and pointing at the magazine
And made my husband sit down next to me
To read it.

Here is the quote:

"I debated sending this because I love
Our little secret flea market.
Usually a DJ is on hand to supply the
Tunes, the bar is always open if you
Get thirsty and like every good
Flea market plenty of fried food
Is available."

It seems silly I know but like every first
We get excited and giddy.
This one is going in the scrapbook.

Happy junking!


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