Monday, May 16, 2011


Junk Salvation....

well i have to say my first show
was a success and a blast.
we had so much fun, 
met some great people
and learned a lot about
how these things work.

quite proud of us.
we were as prepared as we could
have been and the whole thing
went off with out a hitch, 
down to the rain not starting until
the last item went into the trailer.

now the pictures i know you all
have been dying to see.
well maybe not literally but
here they are.

see what you missed. 

the whole space

who would have thought grass would have been so popular, sold almost all.

in jail

what do you think?
hope you enjoyed it.
i know we did.


gretchen said...

goodness...really great grouping of goodies! love the piano(?) chair...

Uncovered Ruby said...

Looks wonderful, so glad you enjoyed your first show!!
Lisa ;-)