Wednesday, May 4, 2011


my husband and i are on a detox
diet which means there are many 
things we can't eat but 
we can eat lots of veggies and fruits.

in looking for some 1923 advice
to share with you all, i ran across
this little tidbit that reminded me
of what i can't have but really
wouldn't mind having for dessert.

When Making Cookies
"When making rolled cookies which call for soda,
you will find it much easier to mix the dough
the night before.
Then mold the dough into a long, slender
roll and let stand in the refrigerator or
a cold place overnight.
In the morning slice the roll into
thin slices and bake the cookies at the 
usual temperature.
This method saves a great deal of
time which is generally necessary
for rolling out and cutting the cookies."
E.S., Minnesota 1923

Have a cookie for me.
Ok,  make it two cookies.


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