Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lauretta Jean's...

I like food. I don't mean I like food I mean
I LIKE food. It's a passion of mine and why
I workout. Really it's the only reason I drag
my sorry ass to the gym or out for a run.
It's all so I can eat.
One of Mr. O's and my new resolutions for 2013
is to try a new restaurant every other week. He gets
to pick one a month and I get to pick one a month
and the only rule is it has to be some where we haven't
Since we are both on holiday we started early. Why not?
Test out the viability of the resolution (actually it's just another
excuse to eat, like we need one).
I read a little blip in a review of best foods of 2012 in Portland
about a little bakery/cafe that has the best biscuits in Portland.
Now that is an honor not easily come by here. You see for some
reason us Portlanders secretly want to be southerners or at least
eat like them. You can find a biscuit about every other block here.
No joke!
So, we set out to see if it was true and can I tell you I think it just
might be. They are the butteriest biscuits that flake and crumble
just right with a creamy flavor and enough doughy center to hold
butter and jam or in Mr. O's case sausage gravy.
And to top it all off the place was full of vintage finds. Hello,
you can't ask for better then that. Biscuits and vintage.
Enough to make this girls heart go pitter patter just a bit.

See for your self or better yet if you are in Portland stop
by and try it in person. I promise you won't regret it.

 Perfect biscuits, wonderful ambiance, divine vintage touches and friendly service.

A perfect way to spend the morning.


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melanie said...

sounds so very yummy!