Sunday, June 5, 2011


i love summer for so many reasons.
this weekend it felt like summer for the
first time since last summer.
when the sun comes out something 
else comes out....peoples junk.

yesterday my mom and i went out
with the goal of following every garage
sale sign we saw and just see
where they took us.
we had so much fun 
and found so much great stuff.

this is just a smattering of what we found.
there are so many other little finds 
we brought home.
i heart garage sales.
you never know what you will
find and there is always
another one around the corner 
if  the last one was a dud.
plus as my mom says
i have mastered the art of 
garage sale parking. 

let's hear it for summer and
all its wonderful junque.


1 comment:

One Gal's Trash said...

Hey Francisca,
Love the "follow where the signs may lead" concept. It's so fun to do that! You found some amazing treasures...the floral prints and blue ottoman...Yummy!