Friday, June 10, 2011


my husband is a rare breed,
he is a full time music teacher.
there aren't many of them around
anymore these days.

he loves his job and loves music.
he has a gift.
not only does he teach his young students
music (by the way i would love to 
take his class) but he teaches them
self respect, discipline, tolerance,
respect of others, and confidence.
a short list of what they learn in his class.

the other day he had a 3rd grade
girl in class feeling a little blue.
he asked her how things were.
she is the youngest of 5 girls 
and doesn't really like 
being the youngest.
now my husband is the youngest of 4
and so he knew what she was feeling.
he told her that once her big sisters
were all in high school and college
she would be the last one home
which would mean she wouldn't
have to share anything any more.
this made her smile and
she wondered off to practice her
recorder outside in the sunny field.

at the end of class she came up and told
my husband she had a gift for him.
she handed him this....

she told him 
"thank you!"

gave him a smile and skipped out
of the room off to her next class.

he might be my music man
but he is their "Mr. Schuester".


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One Gal's Trash said...

Delightful story!