Wednesday, July 20, 2011


my husband and i went to a local
bakery for breakfast this morning 
and then decided since the sun was finally
out we would walk the neighborhood
around the bakery.
while checking things out i saw from across the 
street the most beautiful dress in a window.
of course, i shouted out we had to cross the street now!

my husband insisted we cross at the corner. 
sometimes  his sense of adventure makes to much sense.
i agreed i could wait until we reached the corner
but trust me when i say, once across the street 
i forgot there was anything else to look at 
and bee lined straight for the shop window.

oh my!

it was a girls vintage dress wet dream!
this sweet little shop is what i dream of when
i think about my ideal walk in closet.
oh to only have a 26" waist. 

the shop has a funny little name but 
the contents make up for it.

here are a few of the dresses she has:


2515  SE Clinton
Portland, OR

if you are ever in need of the perfect party frock
or want to make a splash at the next wedding you need to attend,
stop here. You are sure to find the perfect dress.


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