Tuesday, September 6, 2011


it's been quite a few days and i feel like i owe you all an apology.
it's not that i don't want to blog it's that i just don't seem to have a lot 
of energy to do so.

if any of you follow my persona FB page you will know
i got stung on friday (and saturday, oh joy) and found out i am allergic to 
yellow jackets. 

the little thugs sting landed me in the emergency room.
let me tell you it's not the place i really wanted to spend a date 
with my husband but what are you going to do.
they gave me this fun medicine that well
they said it would most likely give me insomnia, hyper energy and make me mean.
well, it didn't really quite do that.
it's more like i can't keep my eyes open, 
i have absolutely no ambition to do anything
or any creative inclinations what so ever,
and well not a mean bone in my body.
it makes it real hard to do anything other then 
sleep or practice being a couch potato.

i did find some energy Saturday morning before my second 
bee sting to do a little work in my new space.

that's right Bee & Mason is moving into a new vintage shop
in Vancouver, WA.

It's a tea room and vintage shop called

i am really excited and can't wait to get it going.
here are a few peaks of the space.

another before

wall painted and burlap added.

not a lot to see yet but i will post as we get the work done.

it's good to be back only one more day of this crappy medicine
and i will be back to my old self. 
maybe even better.


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Andy's Attic said...

How awful!! Being allergic like that is not a small thing. I am glad you are OK. Where is this shop in Vancouver? I will have to go by and check it out soon. Take care of yourselt :>)