Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dreaming in orange....

For some reason I have been dreaming of orange.
Not the fruit perse but the color.
Not just "the" color orange but all shades of the color specifically
a pumpkin/saffron like orange.

I think this came about after helping a friend with some decorating ideas and shopping on Sunday.
We had stopped in at William Sonoma Home and they had the most scrumptious
cashmere blankets in a rainbow of colors and the pumpkin one jumped out at me.
This got me to thinking about orange.

image courtesy of William Sonoma Home catalog.

That night I dreamed about re-doing my living/dining room with accessories in pumpkin.
I had added pillows of vintage kimono silk, candles, a throw blanket 
and a burlap table runner edged in pumpkin ribbon.
I woke up so excited but realized I needed to wait until it was officially fall before
I broke out the pumpkin.
It feels very harvest like and well it was 90+ degrees today and not so harvest in feel
if you know what I am talking about.
 This will give me some time to make the runner and find a yummy blanket in pumpkin.

These have got to be some of my favorite kinds of dreams.
Pure inspiration!
I love it.

Here's to dreams and making them real.


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