Saturday, August 28, 2010

New that's old....

It has been a crazy week at work which means I did not get
much time to play with Bee and Mason.
So when I got up this morning and made my list for the day.
Yes, I make lists. I am a bit list obsessed.
It keeps my brain organized.

Anyway back to my morning, I wrote my list
and made sure to include some Bee and Mason play time.
This included going over to Found on Fremont to check on our space,
add some new items and maybe even remove a few to keep it 
fresh and new looking.
Here are some of the goodies I added.
A little back to school

Old, wood Mahjongg tiles

Love the old black and white class photos

 I am off to California for the next couple of days to help my mom move up here.
I am sure I will have some interesting stories when I get back.
Meanwhile if you are in the hood be sure to stop by our space at Found on Fremont.


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SweetsSuccessBaking said...

Good luck with your shop and blog. I enjoyed reading it!