Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Letting go......

I stopped by the shop today on my way home from work 
just to see how things were going and if the space needed
any re-merchandising.
Low and behold it did. 
Yah, us.
What was weird as I realized what had been sold was how I felt.
I was extremely excited that things were moving and people obviously 
liked what we have for sale but the odd part was the bitter sweet
feeling I had about seeing these things go.
Are you suppose to develop an attachment?
Maybe you do.
I mean if you think about it, there is the hunt of it all, the first sight and 
the instant knowledge that you two belong together.
It's a bit like a Nora Roberts romance.
The instant attraction, the fleeting affair and then the heartbreak and goodbye.

My husband was sweet when I told him what had sold and how I felt.
He said, think about all the people you made happy.
I do love him.
So, I am ok saying good bye to these fabulous finds.
I know someone out there is enjoying them.
 I am committed to having more affairs if it means more people are happy.


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