Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pay it forward....

Today was clean out the garage day.
If you have ever seen our garage you would know that this is no small task.
We agreed to dig in and not to stop until it was done.

Goal, only put back in what we really need.
Once it was cleaned out with everything out on the drive way we realized there was going to be 
a lot that wasn't going back in.
I liked this idea. 
I mean I really liked this idea.
I am a bit OCD, ok, ,maybe more than a bit but anyway
I was tickled pink that my husband was going to leave it up to me
to determine what went back in and how it was going to be organized.
The only stipulation was his workbench.
This he promised he would do tomorrow and organize his way.
This only seems fair since it is his workbench.

I think the craziest thing we found was 4 sets of snow chains for tires.
Now we are not big snow enthusiasts let alone have ever used a pair of chains on 
any of our cars.
Anyone need some chains?

There were a few things that we really didn't want to attempt to haul to the donation center
so we placed it out on the sidewalk and signed it free.
I figured since the junk fairies had been smiling down on me yesterday
it only seemed right to pay forward the favor.
So far, the tiles and chair are gone.
 I think the free junk fairies will be thrilled.

So, remember if you are blessed by the free junk fairies be sure to pay it forward
so they will continue to smile down upon you the next time 
a wonderful piece of free junk is left out.

Happy junking!

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