Wednesday, August 18, 2010


There is an interesting phenomena that happens while I am out running.
No, it's not the glisten that I get or the 7 minute mile I dream about
It's all the free stuff I see on the the side walks.

Here is what I don't understand. 
Why don't I find these when I am in the car.
Really, when you are 2 miles from home on foot you really can't pick 
something up and haul it home.

Today, I convinced one of my dogs (Diesel) to go running this morning with me.
This wasn't hard to do.
He practically was begging.
I think he may have been sorry he volunteered.
Any hoo, we were about a half mile from home when I spotted a free sign and a cute
little upholstered chair down a side block.
What to do?

I knew if I checked it out closer, fell in love and ran back home
to get the car, Diesel would wonder why bother  heading out with me again 
and I might convince myself I didn't need to finish the run.
This is no way to train for a half marathon.
So we continued on our merry way.

Of course the entire run all I could think about was this adorable 
little chair and how it had to be there when I finished my run.
I have a belief that if something is still there when I get there
it is meant to be mine.
If it's gone, well you know the saying.

We got home, I hopped in the car all sweaty and out of breath and 
took off to find my little chair.
Low and behold it was there.
I threw it in the trunk and drove home all sweaty and happy.

She is going to need some upholstery work but she has good bones.
 Isn't she cute.
 Now to decide what she will look like.
I'll keep you posted.

Till the next run!


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