Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I have been known to do a little dumpster diving in my hay days 
but I am happy to say those days haven't ended.
I was driving home today from my actual paying job, you know the one, 
and talking to my 6 year old nephew ( I needed some entertainment and distraction 
from the fact that the 25 minute drive was turning into an hour), but I digress. 
I was heading up one of the back neighborhood streets and low and  behold what did I spy,
Old windows.

I love old windows.  Maybe it's the history they hold, the views they share with us.
There were three of them propped up against a stone wall next to the  garbage cans.
They were calling my name as I pulled a u'ie  in the middle of the intersection not missing 
a beat with my nephew. We were actually playing I spy.
I pulled  my car right up in front of them in case someone else saw them and had the same idea.
The first one was in perfect condition minus some sawdust, sadly the other two had broken panes.
I am a big believer one is better than none. 
I  gently placed it in the back seat like a guest and drive it home. 
I might take it in to the shop as is or make a cabinet using it as the door. 
We will see.


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