Friday, August 6, 2010


Last night I made my shopping list with all the address' and information needed
color coated it and laid it next to the car keys so I wouldn't forget it in the morning.
I was up with the roosters this morning.
Made coffee and did some work before
I could finally justify heading out the door for some shopping.
All excited about my list I headed off to my first garage sale of the day
only to find that it wasn't there.
No worries there were many more on my list.
Well, let's just say it took more than one stop to actually find 
a garage sale that actually was.
Why do people post a garage sale and then not open up?
Anyway, did pretty good at the first open one. 
I was feeling good.
Then I headed off to a movie set prop sale at some random address in the warehouse
area of town.
Holly Molie, did I find manna.
I couldn't believe my luck.
First of all there was no one there but three, young, male 20 something's hanging out
waiting for people to show.
At first I wondered if I found the right place.
I did.
They wanted to get rid of stuff since it was the last day so I started a pile that just kept growing and growing. I felt like a kid in a candy store.
When I thought I was all done I asked him what the damage was.
He walked around my pile hmmm'ing  and haaa'ing while I am thinking
will this all fit in my car.
Finally he looked up and told me the price. I repeated what he said just to make sure 
I had actually hear him right.
I did.
Not only was it a steal they threw in a couple other small items I wanted for free and 
loaded my car for me. 
How sweet.
I texted Meeghn immediatley to tell her I had hit the jackpot.
The Junk Goddess was smiling down on me today.
Here are some pics of what I found.

wooden mahjong tiles
Many of the items are in the shop already, some are waiting to be presented at a later time.
Overall I felt quite good about my junking today and can rest tonight with a smile on my face.

Oh, yah by the way if you all aren't doing anything tomorrow be sure to come down to the 
Fremont Street Faire tomorrow.
You can stop by the shop and see all the new pretties.


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