Saturday, August 21, 2010


There are so many things to blog about today
that I had a bit of a hard time deciding what to share with you all.
It didn't seem fair to blog about all of it.
That would be a bit of a novella by the time I finished and well,
who wants to sit through that.

After much contemplation I landed on the country of Tarte ruled by her highness
Queen Cindy with guest stars the Barn House Boys.
Some of the sweetest smiles around.

Cindy had her August Flea Market with The Barn House inside the barn
and outside she had some amazing deals that she culled from her shed clean out.
This was one of those days I really wish I had a truck or SUV.
I had already a pretty full car from an amazing estate sale I stopped at on my way to the land of Tarte.

I did accomplish to find a little bit of room for a red iron stand which will either become
a glass top coffee table or a bench. 
Haven't decided yet.

Queen of Tarte has been a place of inspiration for me the last year.
Her eye for the beautiful in the most simplest things is gorgeous and quite amazing.
I have always collected images or taken photos of things that touch me in some way
and everytime I visit Tarte I take pictures to look upon on those days
I just need a little something beautiful and inspirational to keep 
me going.
You see I am a very visual person.
If I need a little pick me up all it takes sometimes is 
an image of the perfect arrangement of things
to bring a smile and a bit of sunshine to my day.
I don't know why but it always has.
Sometimes it is best not to ask but just to accept.
Here are my images of inspiration today.

Thanks Cindy, Joe and Jermonne.

Love these girls.
A "bathroom" you would want to hang out in.
Notice the tea pot filled with paint brushes.

All the hits of green were refreshing.
Hope you find some inspiration as I did.

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