Tuesday, March 29, 2011


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Rain, Rain go away....
I am so tired of the rain.
We have broken all kinds of records
around rain fall, number of rainy days,
days with out hitting 60....
So many records and one's 
we really are quite tired of breaking.

We are so lucky in Oregon,
we can flush our toilets as much as we want
cause we are never without rain.
I know I should not complain but
should be thankful we don't have a drought
but I have to tell you it would be nice
to see a little sun. 
A day or two a  week would be the break
we all need to dry out,  just a little.

We have a bunch of furniture that 
needs cleaned, refinished or painted
and I have to tell you this rain isn't helping.
I know we will see the sun again soon
but it couldn't get here soon enough.

Ok, I promise to stop kavetching
and go take my Vitamin D.
Thanks for listening. 
Till the sun comes out.

image source unknown


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