Tuesday, March 8, 2011


i know i am a day early but i figured it was late enough in the day to post tomorrows advice.
maybe you will find it useful at home or for a smile to brighten your day.

"Care In Using Electricity"
Now that electrical devices of all kinds re so constantly used,
man women forget that certain precautions must be 
taken in their use.
Never turn electricity on or off when you are standing on a wet or even damp floor.
If you do so, the current is apt to ass through your body.
This advice is particularly applicable to the kitchen, bathroom
and laundry where water is most likely to be spilled."
Mrs. J.T., NY 1923

her stove is right next to the sink, odd placement. she could be at risk .

I found this to be very good advice. It has the same concept
as not taking a bath while drying one' hair.
Good common sense.


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Anonymous said...

It's okay, it's a gas stove! ;)