Friday, March 25, 2011


today is my husbands birthday.
he had three choices to pick from
for his birthday day.

he chose a new electric guitar.
he is a musician and has been
playing an acoustic classical
guitar for the last 18 years.

he has decided to pick up the
electric again. we drove all over
town looking for the perfect one
within the budget. we stopped
at one called Pro Guitar.
i have seen a lot of guitar shops
but never one like this. it is in an
old building with floor to ceiling
windows, exposed beams, old
hardwood floors. the guys who own
it have an eclectic taste and on top
of all the amazing guitars and gizmo's
that go with them some fun furniture
pieces which unfortunately were not
for sale.
here are two of my favorites.

this fantastic stool made of reclaimed wood.

metal industrial table with wheels to show amps and guitars

who new a guitar shop let alone
an electric guitar shop could have
such a cool space and so well done.
didn't mind shopping at all.

happy birthday honey!
play lots.


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