Wednesday, March 16, 2011


i am not a fan of bananas.
i'm actually allergic to them.
it's really not a pretty sight to see.
if my poor husband wants to kiss
me after he has eaten a banana
has to brush his teeth or eat
something else after because
just the smell or taste makes me gag.
i know weird but that's the way it is.

on the other hand, one of my favorite
foods is popcorn.
i can eat popcorn pretty much for any
meal and be quite happy.
if my husband isn't home to cook
dinner i am known to make a bowl
of popcorn and open a bottle of wine
and call it dinner. yummm!

you're probably wondering where is she
going with all this.
there is a purpose.
in my little household discoveries
book from 1923 i find a recipe that
i couldn't believe and had to just share
with all of you.

Popcorn and Banana Salad
"When making banana salad,
try substituting popcorn in
place of the walnuts or peanuts
that are usually used.
Cut the banana in halves
lengthwise and place on 
lettuce leaves.
Decorate with salad dressing
and popcorn.
The result is very artistic and
E.Q., Quebec 1923

image via Chris Deeds

so my least favorite food paired
with one of my favorites
who would have thought it possible.


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