Thursday, March 24, 2011


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Blogging is a strange thing. I never thought I would ever
find myself a blogger. I had this notion that it was just people
who wanted to hear themselves talk (or in this case read
themselves write).
I found I was very wrong. There are some amazing people out
there blogging and many who have so much to offer.

I still wonder about blogging. Why blog? Who is it for?
Who reads it?  I started blogging beause I thought it would
be a good tool for Bee & Mason but I'm not sure about
that anymore. I think it has potential to still be a great
marketing tool but I don't have the reader ship as many
others do. Not yet at least.

What I do have is a handful of very good and
supportive friends who do read, sometimes daily other
times occasionally but it does feel good to know they
check in. It is quality versus quantity and I have to sometimes
remind myself that that is very important.
I admit I do look daily to see if I have any comments
and 99% of the time I don't but when I do it's like
finding a chocolate easter egg on Easter morning.

I still find myself censoring my writing. I work for
a major corporation and in today's world one must be
so careful so that nothing can be used against you at
some later time. I hate this. I don't use that word lightly.
I quite frequently get accused of being to honest
or to direct. Really people, I am who I am and a little
honesty in this world we live in today can be refreshing.

Some day I will get to truly be who I am on paper but
until that day a little censorship may have to stay in
place but know that what I write is still true to who
I am.

That takes me back to the reason to blog. It is still
a question I have but I am willing to continue the journey
and discover the why's, who's, what's and how's of the
world of words and images.
Be True!

Thanks for reading. And if you want to leave me a
little chocolate easter egg, please don't hesitate.
There's nothing like finding one to put a smile on
a girls face.



karin said...

I tend to look at blogging as taking a little step out of my comfort zone. I have found some great inspiration and recipes from hopping around different blogs. Yours is saved in my file under thrifting. I love to take found objects and incorporate them into my daily life or stylize and regift.

Might not be as tasty as chocolate-but there you have my thoughts.

America's Beauty Queen said...
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