Sunday, March 13, 2011


it has been biblical rain here in the lovely
Pacific Northwest and being a born and
raised PNW girl myself you would think
all this rain would be just fine with me,
not so much.
my husband says that it's that time of year
and i just need to suck it up cause it's not
going to go away. i reminded him that i usually
start getting water logged in february and
have made it to mid-march before turning
into a pile of wet newspaper. i think this is
a vast improvement. don't you?
with that in mind i realized that maybe i
just needed some color, so dug through
some of my old photos and found a few
that reminded me that, yes,  we will see
the sun again and color will return to life
her in the pacific northwest.

the above are from the yard
farmers market last summer

1 comment:

liz said...

I personally am very ready for some sunshine . . . loving the flower photos!!! :) xoxo - liz