Wednesday, March 23, 2011


start saving those after dinner mints when you go out
cause you won't want to miss out on an opportunity
to impress your friends and family with the following
recipe i found.

Mint Grapefruit
"When serving grapefruit, it often whets the appetite to 
prepare it in a variety of ways.
One of our favorite combinations is grapefruit and mint. 
Prepare the grapefruit in the usual manner, 
removing the tough portion in the center and
separating the pulp from the skin around the entire 
circumference.  Place one after-dinner mint in the center
of each prepared half-grapefruit, chill thoroughly 
and serve.  This combination is particularly good for the 
dessert course."
Mrs. R. W. S. Kansas. 1923

finally a good use for those extra after-dinner mints
you find in the pockets of your coat or at the bottom of 
your purse.



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