Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Marcia is my best friend. we have been
friends for a very, very long time.
she is one of the reasons i love to junk.
we use to do many a flea market in NY
and the midwest and anywhere else we
might be together.

she regularly junks and has an amazing
eye for the best treasures and prices.
she has been cleaning out her basement
but also i think we have given her an
excuse (not that she needs one) to be out
junking. we are not complaining cause
she has been sending us boxes with
the most delightful finds.

well we got one on monday and last
night i finally had time to go through
it. it was as  good as christmas.

here are a few pictures of our
marcia treasures.

love this little guy

look at his friend and that shade.

1940 navy straw hats
and more beautiful hats

stargazer lilies

a huge thank you to marcia.
we love you!


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