Sunday, April 3, 2011


i decided to finally learn how to re-upholster.
my friend lisa and i are taking a class.
our first class was last week.
when we initially signed up our soon to be
teacher, dee,  recommended we start with a
i have a couple but one doesn't need any work
and the other is in the man cave, which means
it definitely is not worthy of a new look, yet.

both of us had chairs that we wanted to do.
they didn't have to much upholstery
so we decided we would support each other
and go in to our first class insisting that
we get to do our chairs.
dee was totally cool with it.

 i didn't come prepared with my project other than 
a picture but lisa did.
so once we got the vocabulary lesson and some
quick tips on how to deconstruct our projects
we were set loose on to lisa's chair.

i didn't realize how much fun it could be taking
apart a chair but i will admit it gets a little 
tedious once you have pulled out your 
fifth millionth staple.

since i didn't have my project i promised 
to work on it at home until the next class.
finally the sun came out, well not really 
but it wasn't raining so that's kind of like 
the sun came out in these parts.
i dragged the chair out from the back of the garage,
pulled together some tools and began the task 
of taking apart my free chair.

my free chair
i found this chair on craigs list for free.
the seat cushion was in such bad shape
that when i picked it up it literally poured
out on to the floor in a stream of sand like stuff.
the bones were good so i took it home.

tools in hand i took the upholstery off.

the back before

the back during

removal of the seat back

double welting = extra staples

the seat back completely removed

the whole process was something like 
an excavation.
you're never quite sure what you are going to find.

these tuffs and string are what held the buttons in place.

random things holding it all together

almost done


some raw knuckles, a few scratches and bruises
from the chair falling on me as i fell on my ass.
but all in all i had fun doing it and can't wait 
to sand and paint before the next class.

i promise to keep you all posted 
on my progress.


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