Wednesday, April 6, 2011


found  a good one this week.
i know it's not fall but i loved
her approach on cooking squash.

Baking Squash
" I used to have sad times preparing my 
Hubbard squash for the kettle or oven,
often being obliged to call on the ax to
help me, 
and generally  winding up with at least
one disabled member.
Now, immediately after breakfast,
I just wash the squash and place it in the 
range oven.
By dinner-time it is baked;
then I open it with any common knife,
remove the seed, scrape out the squash,
and with the addition of a little cream
and seasoning I have the most delicious
squash imaginable, for all its sweet juices have
been retained and so has my temper!
O.D.B.,Iowa 1923

i think O.D.B would have been quite
the entertaining blogger.
i love her phrasing and description of her experience. 
the squash sounds good but here is what i
took away, if you need to use an ax
to make a recipe it probably isn't a good idea.
change the menu.


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