Tuesday, April 19, 2011

upholstery part 2....

well, finally got a little time squeezed in between
work and a visit from my sister and nephew
to get the sanding, priming and first coat
on my chair.
the weather was even kind enough to
cooperate with some sun and dry weather.
i forgot to take a picture of it sanded and
primed but have a picture of the first coat.

i went for a warm, creamy white versus
a real chalky white. it seemed more suited
to the style of chair and fabric.
the backing was done in class last week
along with some sanding.
hoping tomorrow the painting gods
continue to smile down upon my little
chair so i can get a second coat 
on which means i might actually get
to do some upholstery in class on thursday
keep your fingers crossed.
it is starting to look like something.


1 comment:

Jason said...

I like, looks good!!!