Thursday, April 21, 2011


One would think we would learn from our
past but we really are not good students.
I found a tidbit on children and health education
from my 1923 Good Housekeeping book
that could have been written today.

Interest in Health
"In the school my children attend there are no 
school nurses, nutrition classes, etc.,
but I tell them what is being done in other schools
along health lines,
and we try to carry out some of these
principles, chief of which are weighting and measuring.
I give each a weight chart that they may see for
themselves what they should weigh, impress upon them the 
value of proper food and plenty of sleep,
and once a month take them to the scales.
They are quite interested in observing their progress
and are not nearly so indifferent regarding
meals as they were before I had them keep their own records."
Mrs. T. K. F.,  W. VA 

Eat well.

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