Monday, April 25, 2011


for awhile now i have been hoping for 
a free saturday that also was sunny and dry.
well my wishes came true this last saturday.

after a morning run, chores and a quick appointment
i pulled as many projects i thought i could finish 
before our guests arrived for dinner.
the lucky projects were:
  • the chair i am suppose to upholster
  • a white dresser
  • a black and green dresser
  • the birds
well, i am happy to report my chair is painted
and sealed and all ready for my upholstery class on thursday.

the white dresser just needed a little fresh coat of paint
and yes it needs handles but that's for another day.



black and mint green dresser, well do i need to say much here?

licorice mint
pale yellow before final coat of paint

the drawers after 3 coats of yellow

and last but not least,
put a bird on it.

i forgot a before picture of the birds but they
were all different colors. 
now they are shiny and white.

all of this in one sunny saturday afternoon.
i can't tell you how happy and productive i felt.
i might just get these all done for the show in may
after all.

stay tune for the final results,
handles and all.


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