Wednesday, April 27, 2011


with spring in the air
many are spring cleaning.
one thing i remember from childhood
was cleaning all the rugs in the house.
it was a seasonal thing and as soon 
as the weather warmed up 
the rugs went outside to be cleaned.

i found some good ol' fashion advice
on cleaning heavy rag rugs 
and it reminded me of that ol'
spring chore from being a kid.

image via main rag rugs

To Wash Heavy Rag Rugs

" I have found a simple way of washing heavy rag rugs. 
Soak the rugs for five minutes in cold water,
then spread them on a bare floor and sprinkle heavily with
any good washing powder.
Scrub the rugs until they are clean with a clean broom
dipped in hot water.
Rinse thoroughly in clear water in the laundry tub
and hang on the line to dry."
Mrs. L. J. O., Wyoming 1923

my oma always washed her persian rugs with vinegar and water.
to this day i still do with a bucket in hand, 
a broom or scrub brush and some 
good old fashion elbow grease
i scrub them then rinse with 
plain water and the brush,
leave them outside to dry
and presto clean rugs
for another year.

happy spring cleaning.


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